Q: Why you build this site since there are so many restaurant websites out there already? 

A: There are indeed lots of restaurant websites out there, most with reviews & photos etc. However, we are NOT about restaurant reviews, we'd leave that to Yelp, Google and others. We built this site with a simple goal in mind: when you want to see a menu before visiting/ordering, see it with the least amount of friction/pain. Therefore, when you come to our restaurant page, either directly or via search engine, you see the menu on the first glance. If we don't have the menu, you can tell right there, no guesswork, no click-around. That's what we mean by "least amount of friction/pain". We understand you don't have the time or patience to flip through pages to find what you care, and we addressed exactly that.   

Q: Where are your menus coming from? Can I trust the quality/timeliness of them? 

A: Many menus are sent to us by restaurant owners, associates or restaurant patrons, so put simply, they are user generated. Because of that,  we can't enforce strict control on how the menu is produced , but we do try our best to improve quality and timeliness, we realize there could still be mistakes and we do appreciate your help on notifying us when you see any error on our site. Meanwhile, our advice to you is: please contact the restaurant directly before placing an order to avoid surprise later on. 

Q: How do I report when I see an incorrect or outdated menu, or other issues like incorrect hours, address, phone number and permanent closure? 

A: The easiest way to report an issue of any type is by clicking on the "Any issue? Report" link on the restaurant page. It will then open up an email dialog box, you can just type the message into the email body and hit send. Please don't change the subject line as it embeds the restaurant info which helps us identify the restaurant under question. Once we receive the email, we will address the issue quickly and typically turn around within 24 hours. 

Q: What if I got charged a higher price by the restaurant when ordering from them? 

A: As stated on the page, menu posted is for informational purpose only and it's subject to change without prior notice. So to make sure you are charged the right price, please always confirm directly with the restaurant before ordering. We can't guarantee the price accuracy since it could be changed several times during a year and we may miss the update between the menu posting and subsequent changes.  Having said that, if you report the issue and notify us the menu is outdated, we will remove the outdated menu, or update it if we can get the latest one from the restaurant under question. 

Q: Why don't you support online ordering? 

A: Again, there are so many other sites/apps doing that already: DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, JustEat, to name a few. We are not interested in participating in that crowded space. Our goal is to help you see the menu when you need it, in the most direct and stress-free way. That's it. 

Q: I'm a restaurant owner, how do I update information myself about my business? 

A: You are more than welcome to click the "Claim This Business" link on the page, it will open up an email dialog window and you can type in the request in the email body and hit send. We will reply your message to further verify and send you instructions on updating business info yourself once verified. 

Q: How do I  add a new restaurant that is not on the site? 

A:  You can send an email to admin@zmenu.com with the following info: name, address, phone. We will verify and add it. Once done, we will notify you by email. 

Q: When I report an issue, how quickly do you address/fix it? 

A: As mentioned earlier, we strive to stay on top of all the issues/requests and address them ASAP. Typically we turn around within 24 hours, including nights and weekend. Sometimes you may get a response within minutes.

Q: Why ads? it's annoying, can you get rid of them? 

A: Understand your concern and apologize if you feel annoyed. Since our site is free to use,  we do need a way to cover the necessary cost, like hosting web servers.  However, we are mindful about showing ads as it could harm user experience and cause confusion. Therefore, we always try to minimize the ad footprint on our site: for any page on our site, no more than 3 ad placements are allowed. And we strictly ban any intrusive ad units such as: pop-up, pop-under and screen-take-over. When we get complaint from user regarding particular ads, we immediately contact our ad partner and ask them to ban the questionable ads from showing on our site.  If you see any such ads, please email us at admin@zmenu.com, we will take prompt action to address that. 

Q: If I have general suggestions about the site and service, how do I reach you?

A: Please kindly send an email to admin@zmenu.com with such inquiries. We will do our best to respond timely.